Oldest monastery in Europe found


Archaeologists have uncovered what they believe is the oldest Christian monastery in Europe  near a village in southern Bulgaria,

Ancient shrine at St Athanasius Monastery

according to the Sofia News Agency.

They believe the St. Athanasius monastery was founded in 344 by St. Athanasius himself.

Until now, the Candida Casa monastery, founded in 371 AD in Galloway, Scotland, was believed to be the oldest Christian monastery in Europe, followed by the St. Martin monastery in the Pyrénées-Orientales, France (373 AD).

Archaeologists have examined objects in a hermit’s cave and shrine located near the present St. Athanasius monastery in Bulgaria, and found evidence that the great saint may have resided there.

Additional studies in archives at the Vatican have confirmed that St. Athanasius was present at the Church Council in Serdica (modern Sofia) in 343 AD.

He then traveled to Constantinople and is believed to have stopped in the area of present Zlatna Livada, which is located in Thrace on the ancient road between Serdica and Constantinople.

St. Athanasius of Alexandria (296/8-373) was for a long time Bishop of Alexandria, and is revered as one of the greatest Christian saints.

He did extensive work in theology and was one of the key figures in establishing essential doctrines of the Christian faith that are still accepted by Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians alike.


  1. Sts. Cyril and Methodius, great patrons of Bulgaria and the Slavic peoples, rejoice and pray for us!

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