352 babies saved from abortion


By Shawn Carney

40 days for life participants

During the “40 Days for Life campaign,” we are aware of at least 352 babies who have been saved from abortion! Here are just a few of the great reports of the Lord’s victories.

In Nashville, 40 Days for Life vigil participants watched as a car pulled up to the abortion center. A woman got out — while a man and three small children waited in the parking lot.

A volunteer went to see if the man would speak to her. He did — telling her it would just be too difficult to have a fourth child.

A counselor told him of the help available and how abortion is not a solution for his wife. She told him that he had three beautiful gifts from God in the back seat … and God was giving them another beautiful gift — the baby his wife was carrying.

After a while, the woman came out in tears. There would be no abortion. She then returned to the abortion center and got her money back.

“What courage they had,” the volunteer said. “What a wonderful God we serve!”

In Little Rock, Arkansas, a young couple had been parked outside an abortion center for more than half an hour. But all of a sudden, they got out of the car and made a dash for the center.

One of the prayer volunteers tried to speak to them. “The girl looked confused – and the boyfriend was set on her going in. I called out to her and she turned and smiled at me.” She said to the young woman, “You do not need to go through this. You should make the decision. After all you’re the one who is pregnant.”

They went inside – and later stormed back out. “She evidently had second thoughts and came to discuss them with the boyfriend,” the volunteer said. “He took her back into the clinic. They came out again and the girl looked happy. The boyfriend drove out recklessly and screeched all the car tires.”

Please pray for this young couple — and their child.

In Fort Wayne, Indiana  one of the women praying at the 40 Days for Life vigil was able to speak to a woman outside the abortion center. “I asked her if she wanted a free ultrasound and she seemed a little confused,” the volunteer said.

She explained that if they went to the pregnancy care center next door to the abortion center, she could have the ultrasound right away – and it would be free. If she went to the abortion facility, they would only set up an appointment for another day – but expect her to pay $100 right now.

She agreed to go to the pro-life center. After the woman saw the ultrasound image, she decided to keep her baby.

“She has three children already and was panicked at the reality of the fourth child,” said the volunteer.” I can’t help but think about how close those three children came to never knowing the sibling that was spared! It’s hard to fathom how many people may be completely unaware of a sibling who was never given the right to live.”

Shawn Carney is the campaign director for 40 Days for Life