Missionaries seek help for Turkey earthquake survivors


By Michael Ireland

Earthquake devastation (Photo courtesy ASLAN)

A devastating 7.2 earthquake rocked the city of Van in eastern Turkey near the border with Iran on Sunday (October 23), at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

According to Ian and Mary Jane Heringa of ASLAN International,                             the tremors were not felt in Istanbul where the ASLAN ministry fellowship is based.

In an email update, the Heringas write: “Let our cries reach heaven as we ask God for mercy on Turkey. The hearts of the whole nation are shaken. Let us grieve with those who have lost everything.”

They add: “Right now, we ask you to plead with God for mercy on the nation of Turkey. After we had an earthquake of this magnitude in 1999, thousands of Turks called into our Alo Dua Prayer Hotlines requesting prayer.

“Please join us in praying for the government’s rescue efforts, for more rescue vehicles and paramedics, doctors to get to Van quickly, for the weather — meteorologists are predicting snow, for those still trapped in the rubble, that they may be found quickly, for the families of those who are missing. In their despair, may they turn to Jesus.”

The Heringas say “This province is one of Turkey’s poorest. People have lost everything.”
They add: “Pray for us, our ASLAN team — to know how to minister and reach out effectively during this crisis time of Turkey’s shaking.”