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Godreport Ministry Profile for: Pastoral Training of Asia
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About this Ministry
Many would be surprised if they discovered their pastor had very little knowledge or understanding of the Bible, and didn’t even own a concordance or Bible dictionary—yet that is the situation in many parts of Asia—inspiring Pastoral Training of Asia to step into the gap. “They don’t have the tools we take for...
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THE PHILIPPINES: 27 PERSONS RECEIVE JESUS -- The angels in heaven have a party when hearts open up to Jesus! Our monthly Pastors & Christian Workers Seminar in a remote area on Mindanao Island brought forth eternal fruit. Molave is an agricultural town, quiet, serene and receptive to the Gospel. With our PTA training...

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Pastoral Training of Asia
26096 Getty Drive
Laguna Niguel , CA
United States - 92677
Phone - (949) 348-1808

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