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THE PHILIPPINES:  27 PERSONS RECEIVE JESUS -- The angels in heaven have a party when hearts open up to Jesus! Our monthly Pastors & Christian Workers Seminar in a remote area on Mindanao Island brought forth eternal fruit. Molave is an agricultural town, quiet, serene and receptive to the Gospel.  With our PTA training the students went house to house and shared the Gospel. 32 homes wanted to hear and out of them 27 people asked Jesus into their hearts! Of these, 11 homes requested to have Home Bible Studies!  8,000 Gospel tracts were distributed.  Pray for these new believers and the home Bible studies that more would come to know the Lord.

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING   Over the years, the Lord has used PTA to bring thousands to know Christ.  These in turn share their faith so others come to know the Lord. This is only a part of what we do.  Thousands of pastors, wives and workers have been trained, encouraged and equipped to better serve the Lord and in turn churches are strengthened and grow.  This is all possible through your prayers and support.  THANK YOU!

NEXT MONTH: THE PHILIPPINES, THAILAND & INDIA   We are busy now with the planning and preparation of 2 months overseas.  We travel heavy as we will be bringing things for the Mission and missionaries. Among these are 200 metal plates for our new printing press.

Our plans in Thailand are to minister to the Karen and the Thais.  God has given us open doors!

BIBLE PROJECT:  Make a big difference for a Pastor to teach his Church, help us buy Study-type Bibles to take to Asia.  Each Bible cost:  $25 (we found a new source for a little less money)

CAN YOU HELP?  YEAR END GIVING.  You have been so faithful and generous, many are recipients of your gifts: Asian believers in several countries, our PTA Filipino & American staff and the millions that have received the Word of God via our PTA Print Shop (over 8 million printed). Our operational funds are very low, if you can please give extra or for some of you, give for the first time, please help out. THANK YOU SO MUCH!   Generous giving blesses the Lord, you and this Mission.

May you have a Blessed Christmas filled with His Presence and may the coming New Year bring you and your family the Joy of the Lord, this is our prayer.

Your missionaries for Asia, Jim & Shonda Davis

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