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 Responding to thousand-year flood in West Virginia -- In response to the record-breaking flooding in West Virginia, we have sent 15 tractor-trailer loads of relief supplies to 12 locations. We also delivered two tractor-trailer loads of flooring and tile to Rainelle Church of God, which was heavily damaged in the flood.


Operation Compassion
Operation Compassion Renews Commitment to Haiti
Since the inception of Operation Compassion, Haiti has been a priority for receiving products and supplies. Haiti has always been a country of extreme poverty especially in the outlying areas away from the major cities. At one point, Operation Compassion sent so many birthing packs that the birth mortality rate dropped in rural areas. Then, […]
God’s Pit Crew Rebuilds Gatlinburg Home
One of Operation Compassion’s long term partners, God’s Pit Crew (GPC), is in the middle of a restoration program called Fire and Faith Project. Fire and Faith Project is a house building project that grew from the initial response to the wildfires last November in Gatlinburg, TN. Immediately following the fire, GPC responded to the […]
Operation Compassion Helps Rebuild Baghdeda, Iraq
Operation Compassion is joining forces with Hope Charitable Services and Frank Allen and his partner, Henry Cappello of Caritas in Veritate International (CiVi), in an effort to rebuild homes for 25,000 refugees that were forced out of their homes. Baghdeda, Iraq is a Christian city located near Mosul that was occupied by ISIS fighters and […]
Operation Compassion Delivers Tornado Relief to Southern States
Following the devastating tornadoes last week, Operation Compassion has delivered seven semi-loads of disaster supplies to Mississippi and South Georgia. These two states were hit the hardest and suffered more deaths in the wake of these storms. The area around Hattiesburg, MS sustained the greatest storm damage. While in South Georgia the damage was more […]
Operation Compassion Sends Relief to Tornado Victims
Last week was a deadly and disaster filled week, wildfires in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina followed by deadly tornadoes and damaging thunderstorms in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee. As each disaster struck, Operation Compassion was there to help survivors piece their lives back together. The tornadoes that Alabama were destructive, several businesses, a church and […]
Operation Compassion Working Smokey Mountain TN Fires
Operation Compassion has established disaster relief sites at the Seymour, TN Church of God with Pastor Scott Turner, the Purpose Church of God in Pigeon Forge with Pastor Joel Arwood and with Pastor Tom Sterbens and the New Hope Church in Sevierville. Product is being sent from a number of our local and regional partners […]
Operation Compassion Continues Hurricane Matthew Relief Work
The storm has passed but the destructive results are still being realized. Hurricane Matthew left five US states devastated and the country of Haiti crippled.  Some are saying the destruction rivals that of Hurricane Katrina but in many ways, it is worse.  Bodies are still being found and the water in North Carolina is still […]
Operation Compassion Responds to Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew is the most powerful storm in more than a decade to impact Haiti, the surrounding region, and now threatens the United States.  The southwestern peninsula of Haiti is marooned, small towns and villages have been devastated by flooding and mudslides, and the storm is still going.  More than 20 inches of rain fell […]
Operation Compassion Continues Assisting Christians in Iraq
Nearly 2,000 years ago, St. Thomas started a church in Erbil which is in modern day Iraq.  Erbil is located about 55 miles east of Mosul and has a permanent population of about 1.5 million. Erbil is also the capital and largest city of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, a city that dates back to […]
Operation Compassion Impacts Louisiana with Flood Relief
As the flood waters recede in some sections of the Baton Rouge, LA area, Operation Compassion began its second week of disaster relief efforts. Last week, 9 semi-trailers were delivered loaded with supplies and products necessary to begin clean-up and to sustain survivors. This week, Operation Compassion is sending 9 more semi-trailers of products and […]
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