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A Prodigal comes to Christ

A Zambian pastor working with The JESUS Film Partnership of Global Partners (Wesleyan Church) shared this powerful story:

"There are occasions when our ministry as a JESUS film team comes under attack from the enemy. The most common attack is when we have to handle drunken delinquents who make noise throughout the film. Nazilongo, which is a trading community that serves as a stopover for truck drivers, is a hub for all types of illicit activities. ... Calvin, a young man in his early twenties, is the son of a very committed member of the local church in Nazilongo, but this young man took the prodigal son's path. Every night that we showed the film, Calvin and a group of fellow roughs would come, very drunk, and make a lot of noise and pass disparaging remarks about the film. They made the program so difficult that the pastor publically called them to task.

"One day, after the JESUS film team left the area, Calvin and his friends went on a drinking spree that left him passed out next to the railroad track. He was seriously hurt when a train came down the track and hit him. Although the accident could have been far worse, he ended up in the hospital, not far from the JESUS film team leader's house. The team leader began to visit Calvin in the hospital, dealing with him about his soul. Calvin gave his heart to the Lord! ... Calvin is now a serious disciple of Jesus Christ and is making tremendous spiritual progress. He is even encouraging some of his former friends to learn from his experience and seek God while He may be found."  --Jesus Film Project staff writer

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